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Boy, 13, 'sexually assaulted by stranger' in Aldershot

The boy was approached and threatened by the stranger before being sexually assaulted, police say.

Glitter banned by Dorset children's nursery chain

The art material is a "dangerous" microplastic which can enter the food chain, the nursery chain says.

Children in Need money getting kids ready for school

Volunteers visit families on a weekly basis to help children with vital social skills.

Children in Need: Special needs pre-school grateful for support

A pre-school in Hampshire is supporting children with special needs to develop their learning skills.

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Zimbabwe crowds rejoice as they demand end to Mugabe rule

Pressure grows on President Mugabe to stand aside, with crowds marching on his office and residence.

Argentina missing navy submarine: Search stepped up

A Nasa research plane joins the search for the vessel, now missing in the Atlantic for three days.

AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young dies at 64

The Australian's powerful rhythm guitar riffs helped propel the heavy rock group to stardom.

Saad Hariri, Lebanon PM, to return to Beirut 'in coming days'

Saad Hariri vows to go back home by Wednesday and will then clarify his shock decision to resign.