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BFBS on Sky TV !

BFBS : now on Sky Digital Guide No. 0211

BFBS Radio has launched the first UK-wide digital radio service for British Forces. BFBS studios in Iraq, Germany and the UK are now broadcasting live, 24-hours-a-day on
Sky Digital, Channel 0184

This new service gives any of the 8 million Sky subscribers in the UK the opportunity to listen to daily, live programmes from BFBS Radio from the very heart of the operational areas where British troops are based.
Did you have a favourite programme you used to listen to on BFBS Radio when you lived in Germany, or were on exercise in Canada ? Now you will be able to continue listening to it, here in the UK.
It also means that family and friends of service personnel will now be able to keep in touch with those who are away on operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans or virtually anywhere in the world, as never before.
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